Happy father’s day and Race for life…

So today is an important day for a lot of men, its the day you are celebrated for being a daddy, step-dad, foster dad, adoptive dad, grandad and dads to be. Today is that important day for my husband but it is also the day our local Race for Life for cancer research happened to be on, not that made my husband sad that it wasn’t all about him because me and my girls were doing race for life in memory of his dad, their grandad Kevin, who we sadly lost to cancer four years ago. I think its made the day better because not only are we celebrating daddy for being the bestteacher daddy he can be but we are also celebrating those who can no longer be with us but are always in our hearts. 

Our race for life time was a good one for us, especially seen as I had my babies with me, 1hr, 9mins and 58 seconds. The atmosphere was amazing with everyone hyped for the walk, jog or run for either a 5k or 10k challenge. And I would like to thank everyone who sponsored us, we raised a great £103, which is fab as our goal was £80.

Thanks for all your support and happy father’s day to Jamie and every man who deserves the title.


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