Current Playlist for my new WIP…

Music plays a big part in how I write, if the music suits the new story well then I can write for hours but if the music isn’t right or distracts me then its gets pushed to the side for another novel if need be. I used to have just one album that I would listen to over and over again for one story (Example; Sia’s 1,000 forms of fear for my book Alone or Lorde’s pure heroine for The keeper of the key) but now I find myself mixing the albums with others to get the right mix, (Example for Junia I had Sia’s This is acting and the Final Fantasy X soundtrack and one song from Lana Del Ray and for my book Lone I had Sia’s 1,000 forms of fear again, a song by the chainsmokers and Daya and The last of us soundtrack) sometimes a few artists make my mind daydream about my story not just the one artist. A lot of the time the lyrics also play a big part, if the words mean something to my story or to my characters then it will make the vision I have of the story bigger and better, it opens my minds eye larger and makes a bigger world, one that I feel I can fall into and explore fully. The only way I can really explain it is when you play a video game that had brilliant graphics and a large world map that you can explore, that is how my brain works and the music helps me visualise it.


So here is my current playlist for my current Work in progress;

  • One Republic’s album ‘Oh my my’ I use four songs from that album.
  • Dream, NbHD, Better, Where ever I go.
  • The last of us soundtrack (Which I have used for my Alone books but the music is so good at daydreaming to).
  •  The last of us, Quarantine zone (20 years later), Vanishing grace, The last of us Goodnight, All gone aftermath, All gone No escape, All gone Alone, Returning, The path a new beginning.
  • HIM- Love metal.
  • Buried alive by love, Sacrament, Soul on fire.
  • Sam Sparro –
  • Pocket

All these songs really help me to visualise my worlds. My taste in music is odd at times and fairly normal at other times. Why not check out some of these songs on youtube, you never know you might like them. 😉




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