Craft or commercial??? What is a book???

I have seen this argument crop up on Facebook lately, my fellow author Kari Holloway did seen really upset by it and rightly so 😥 What is the argument about you ask? Well it’s simple, its this; Why aren’t books that authors have spent hours, days, weeks, months and even years creating not considered handmade items, craft and art pieces??? Most people say books are a commercial item due to the fact that they are printed at a printers and not hand sewn together by the author. For example we may ask to join in at a craft fair to sell and show our items but are told we can’t because its not considered a craft item but if they saw the time authors put into their works, the drawings, the notebooks, the research etc they would see it is really a craft. Yes we type the words up on a computer but the computer doesn’t do that on its own, it doesn’t have a plug to our brains and relays the story as it should be in seconds, we have to pain stakingly write it all, think it all and imagine it all.

Others can sell items at a craft fair that they didn’t exactly make themselves, that is printed in a printers and is made in bulk. Like mugs with pictures, slogans and logos, artists who draw and paint but have their work replicated and printed in frames or other items to sell, plaques with words and pictures… most of that stuff is allowed but uses printers or a middle man to help create them too, just like we use a printers to print our books.

Then there are the buy and sell groups on social media, the ones where anything goes but they don’t like you selling your books because its a business yet the woman selling rip off hand bags under a business name is fine to post and make money???

I think people need to go easy on us authors, yes we write and produce books, yes it is a craft and it is a business. All we want is to be given a chance in a world which is suppose to be about giving people chances. 🙂 So please if you run a craft fair and a local fledgling author asks for a stall do it, you might be helped in return, especially if they have a blog and would even blog about your fair and business maybe…hmmm…


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