Fun with Fives…

Let’s have a little fun… And see how this goes haha 😂
Fun with Fives 🙂

Five names I go by:

 1. Mercedes

 2. Mum

 3. Sades

 4. Sadies

5.BMW (no really some people used to love calling me that).

Five things I love to watch on TV:

 1. The Walking Dead

 2. The Strain

 3. Charmed

 4. Homes under the hammer

5. Grand Designs

Five places I have visited:

 1. Spain

 2. Disneyland Paris

 3. Norway

 4. France/ Paris (not same time as Disney)

5. Legoland

Five things I love to eat:

 1. Strawberries

 2. Chocolate

 3. Steak

 4. Quorn mince lasagne

5. Pizza

Five celebrities I would love to meet.

 1.  Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead)

 2. Ashley Johnson (Ellie from the last of us game)

 3. Holly Marie Combs (Piper from Charmed)

 4. Naoko Takeuchi (Author of Sailor Moon)

5. Stephen King (Author of Carrie)

Five favorite drinks.

 1.  Wine (red)

 2.  Tea

 3.  Mocha 

 4.  Caramel Latte

5. Ice cold water

Five places you would love to visit.

1. San Francisco

2. Egypt

3. Stonehenge

4. Puerta De Haya Marca (Peru)

5. Disneyland Florida

Five cars I have driven.

1. Ford Fiesta (Old box version)

2. Ford Fiesta (new modern version)

3. Vauxhall Corsa

4. Honda Civic

5. Nissan Navara Truck

Haha just a bit of fun to pass the time.:-)


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