What to buy with the letter M…

Just a bit of fun but hard to think of too 🙂 

‘You have £10,000,000 in your bank account but you can only spend it on things that start with the first letter of your first name. What do you buy?’

Ok, so obviously my name begins with ‘M’ so lets see;

  • Mercedes Benz – I mean come on, how could I not buy a car of my name sake. 🙂
  • Mansion – Suits me fine, better than a rabbit hutch.
  • Mobile phone – So I can have the kindle app and still download books (haha see there is a way around the B word problem lol).
  • Mirrors – To make my home all shiny 🙂
  • Make-up – To keep me looking pretty (haha defo need that).
  • Meat – Well I would have to eat.
  • Mobile home – To go travelling in.
  • Microwave – To cook my meat in, obviously lol.
  • Monkey – I could start my own monkey sanctuary.
  • Meals – Out and about.
  • Moam sweets – just because.
  • Moisturiser – To keep my skin soft.
  • Mints – To keep my breath fresh.
  • Music – To keep me entertained.
  • Motorbike – To keep the husband entertained.
  • Mice – To be my pets.
  • McDonald’s – Omg so glad about this one haha. 
  • Magic – Well we all need some in our lives.
  • Mountain climbing gear – Haven’t done it, could do it but only if I was safe.
  • Marshmallows – yum yum.


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