Do you need coffee to be a REAL author???

Am I considered an author, even though I cannot stand the taste of coffee?


This was a question I saw posted on a writing group on social media just the other day and it really made me giggle. Now I know the person was probably joking about really thinking whether they would be considered an author if they drunk coffee or not but it is a thing in the author world that people know we need the caffeine in coffee to keep going, to keep the writing momentum from stopping.

I have to admit I do drink caffeine to keep me writing but I am also not a ‘BIG’ coffee lover, unless its got about six sugars in (I know I’ll get fat and rot my teeth lol) but I do like a Mocha which is kind of cheating but the best of two worlds, it’s got the caffeine and coffee to keep me wired and awake but also it tastes like hot chocolate and I am an avid hot chocolate fan (Yes I know, a moment on the lips and a life time on the hips – Well my hips have had it so I might as well go on as I mean). But would people really consider you not to be an author if you didn’t consume coffee? Maybe, there are some hard-core authors out there who believe everything they do is right and the only way to be a true author is to do it their way and that could include drinking coffee not tea or hot chocolate (And if they drunk it upside down with one grain of sugar and you didn’t they would frown, no really I mean it they would). I once had an author accuse me and fellow Indie authors at an author event that we weren’t real authors because we had self published and not gone with traditional, she was a rather hard nosed woman who thought her books were the bee’s knees, yet she was like us, trying to promote her work to get more sales, at an event for traditional and indie, I mean she knew we were going to be there and we actually done quite well in sales, more than her but maybe that was her bad attitude that failed her that day. Now I’m not denying I would love to be traditionally published one day, it would be a life achievement but just because I self publish doesn’t make me any less of an author than her. I worked just as hard, maybe sometimes even harder because I do all my own promotion and sales work.

So if your an author who doesn’t drink coffee then that’s cool your still an author to me and if you self publish or have gone traditional I still see you both as authors… So let’s raise our cups, mugs and glasses to toast the writing world and in the hope we can all accept one another for our own little quirks and perks.



2 thoughts on “Do you need coffee to be a REAL author???

  1. Tea for me. By the bucket load. As for traditional publishing, yes it would be great for the recognition but I wouldn’t take kindly to someone suggesting Self-publishing was less of an achievement. I’ve had a story bought by a publishing house and it’s good validation but love the control of doing it all myself.

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