Talent or Taught…

Do you think “writing” is a talent or something can be taught?

A lot of questions get thrown around author groups either in real life groups you attend or in the virtual ones on social media but a question I hear a lot is whether writing is a natural talent or something you have to learn. I personally enjoyed lessons like English at school and at college (Yes I chose to do it on purpose) and I have been on a creative writing course because I love writing sooooooooooooooo much but does it make me any better than someone who hasn’t been taught much about writing and or does someone who has a degree in it from Uni automatically write better than me? I’m not so sure, I think being a storyteller and a writer is something you are born with, something that is already embedded in your brain, you either have the knack or you don’t. I started writing when I was in my teens, at first it was a folder full of poems, then it was story ideas some of which I have used today in my self published books but just because someone hasn’t always written doesn’t mean they don’t have the knack. Like I said, I think you are born with it… Just because one author publishes their first book at 20 and another at 60 doesn’t mean that the 60 year old wasn’t born with it, it means they just chose to use their talent later on in life. I truly do believe that if you are going to write a book in your life time you will and it will be down to natural talent, not just by being taught. I think being taught things obviously will help, E.G. Spelling, Grammar, Tenses, Voice and other technical things but deep down if you haven’t got the imagination, the thing your brain see’s a story with then I don’t think you can write a book. Imagination plays a huge part in mine and other people’s writing, you have to be able to imagine your book, your characters and your world to be able to write it.

So my verdict is Talent but what do you think? I would love to know what everyone else thinks.


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