What would you take???


I had a random question messaged to me the other day, so I told them I would blog my answer just for the fun of it 😉 The question was;

“If you had to evacuate your home on short notice what would you take with you and why??”

Now there are some pretty obvious things I would take E.G. Kids, Husband, pets etc but hopefully they would automatically count but for different things here is what I would take;

  • Mobile Phone – My husband say’s I am addicted to my phone, it never leaves my side. Partly due to a small, teeny weeny addiction to FACEBOOK!!!! But also it is how I connect with my readers, my blog is connected to my phone via an app, so of course I would have to take that with me to be able to connect still. Plus it is my main camera I use to take photo’s of my family and the days out we have, couldn’t not have it to make memories with.
  • Laptop – Must have!!!! Couldn’t live without it, how on earth would I write my novels without it? Yes I know pen and paper but my laptop holds so many ideas but it also it holds my memories. My family photos and albums are all stored on it, so it would definitely have to come with me.
  • Kids memory boxes – When my kids were born I made both of them a memory box each, it holds yearly photos in a special fairy album, their tags from the hospital, photo’s, tiny nappies, small dummies, special clothes, when they both appeared in a baby photo competition in my local paper, first birthday cards etc… Those boxes are special and couldn’t never be made again if something happened, so they are a must have to take with me.
  • My Wedding certificate – Just to prove that my husband did indeed marry me on said date and that there really is no escape from me and that he is trapped with me forever… Mwhahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Considering in my mind I see this situation as an emergency I don’t see how I could take anymore but if I could my handbag, makeup, chocolate, proof copies of all my books, my books from my book shelves, car keys, pushchair and actually the whole house would need to come with me really!!!!!

What would you take?


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