Indie Pride Day 2017…



So the 1st of July has been honoured with the role of being #indieprideday . So what is it? Well its a day dedicated to the independently self-published authors and small printing and publishing companies, the ones that aren’t from the big ‘Traditional’ group. Years ago no-one ever heard or thought about the small time players, the independent authors out there ‘BUT’ now a days so many great books are being written and published by Indie’s and some are even being turned into great films… Just think The Martian by Andy Weir and The 50 shades of grey novels (Yes I know not everyone’s cup of tea but they still made it). So we now like to celebrate them all, worldwide. So don’t be surprised if today you have seen loads of posts of self published authors smiling with a picture of their book babies. (Yes below is one of me!!!!)


I am as you know a self-published indie author, I do this all myself, all my writing, editing, promoting and everything else in between (Other than printing, Amazon’s Createspace does that for me but its still indie publishing). But to celebrate #indieprideday I set up a Headtalker campaign and here’s how it got on…

“It was quite easy to set up, all you needed was a few pictures, a message to the readers and supporters, a link and an end date and time. You can also choose how many supporters you need to get, anything between 25-500. I chose 25 because I thought that it might be quite manageable and was it? Well… Yes… Within minutes I had 9 supporters already (apparently the welcome committee from the headtalker site so that was great), then I shared it with my Facebook family and friends, on my author page and on my blog too 😉 and with six days left I had already beaten my goal reach of 25 and had 32. So yes it was good. Now I just have to wait and see if it will help boost my book sales which is the goal of the 30 days 30 authors promotion and writing group (which I will be updating weekly about).

As well as doing the Headtalker campaign which finished today, I am starting today a 30 day challenge set by Lucinda Moebius. It see’s 30 authors have 30 days to help each other self and cross promote and hopefully improve our sales by the end of the month. We will using our blogs, social media accounts to push our work and interact better with our readers. So as it goes on I will let you know and update you all on my progress and whether or not Lucinda has landed on a goldmine of helping others.

If you would like to help an indie author today why not download one of my books, they are reduced down to 99p just for #indieprideday and the 30 day challenge.

Many thanks peeps.


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