Creative Writing – What do fellow authors expect from it????

In the ’30 days 30 authors promotion and writing challenge’ group that I am taking part in one author asked us all a question and wanted our responses, I thought these responses were awesome and needed to be shared because to me it shows how all of us want things differently from other authors, what we want from the books ‘we’ read and what we want and see from creative writing. And yes we might be authors but we too are normally avid readers who love nothing better than a good ‘creative’ book to sit back and relax with. So what was her question and what were our answers?

Michelle Murray…
“Creative writing is subjective what do you look for in creative writing?”


‘Elizabeth Munro’  “I want to feel like something is being shared with me and I don’t want to feel like I have to dig for details to understand what’s going on.”

‘Stan Faryna’I think I got it from C.S. Lewis that good writing is clear and immediately understood. I feel that way about the arts in general.

I work for it. I don’t always succeed. But I keep on keeping on.”

‘Mercedes Prunty’I just want to see what the author wants me to see, in a world, plot / place that they have built or created. I want to feel like I have met and known the characters I read about, like their life has been a part of mine.
I also hope to be able to do that for my own readers

(Your reading my blog so I won’t post a link for you. Instead I will give you a smile 😉 ).

‘Greg Alldredge’ I want to be entertained first. I want to be touched second, if it is good I will learn something third.”

‘Judith Rook’I look for entry into lives and worlds which are different to my own but are completely believable. I don’t just mean Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I feel the same about a well-structured and well-written Romance.”

‘Kell Inkston’Moments, I think. Inserting myself as parts of characters is always neat, but ultimately I love reading for those long pauses when you pull up from the book and realize how in the world you’ve been.

Magical stuff for sure.”

Creative writing is something authors do every single day, what ever the genre it is still creative because the author has to imagine and see it, to be able to produce and write about it. What do you like to see from ‘Creative writing’ what makes it special to you?





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