30 days 30 authors promotion and writing challenge… Day 3…

So we are at day three and already we have been working hard as a collective to improve our promotional skills and to make sure we keep our writing on tap. We have been divided up into five groups of six, a smaller collective to give each other support and inspiration during our challenge. So far we have set up a group and have shared some tips, pictures, polls, memes, sentances from current WIP’s and we may even have a video conferance to face within next few days…OMG!!! That to me sounds scary as hell, a video conferance, actually having to talk to other people…hmm dunno if I can handle that, especially since Lucinda the boss lady has taken out the whip and told us we have to go live once a day throughout this period… What? How? Can I? Will I? I dunno? 

It is not me to do live talking, I can just about talk to my family and friends without falling over my words and even then I do trip up and make no sense at all…(Quite often actually, I’m well renown for my fluffyness which apparently I get from my mother). Give me a pen and paper anyday over using those vocal chords embedded in my throat!!! (Ok maybe I’ll keep them because who will tell my kids off if I have no voice or shouting chords?) 

So far so good, I’ve been tweeting more than usual which is weird as I don’t tweet unless my blog does it automatically for me. I’ve been using my author page to try and engage more and I’ve been planning future blog posts… some of which are helping my fellow authors cross promote their books via author interviews and link shares. (Every little helps right?)

So hopefully I’m going to keep going strong and I will update you with more soon.


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