Author interview with C.A. King…

As I’m doing the 30 days 30 authors challenge I’ve decided I’m going to bring to you some of the authors and their books 🙂 So here is author C.A. King’s interview so please give her a warm welcome and enjoy finding out about her and her books 🙂

Question one – Why did you personally choose to take part in ‘Lucinda’s 30 days 30 authors promotion and writing challenge’ and what do you hope to accomplish at the end of it?

I think part of being an author is questioning everything I do – that includes marketing. I know I can write every day and I know I can market everyday. Joining this group is helping me validate what I already do and breath new ideas into my plan I may not have thought of before.

Question two – Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your other job if you have one? Where are you from? What skills do you have other than writing?

I worked most of my life as a legal secretary. After my mother passed away, both my husband and father were diagnosed with cancer. In home care took a lot out of me. They passed away almost exactly a year apart. Now, I live with my two boys in Ontario, Canada.

Question three – Why do you write? Did you always want to be a writer or did you have other plans for adulthood? 

I always wanted to go into Theatrical make-up. Instead, I followed the rest of my family in legal. I start to write as therapy for depression and haven’t stopped.

Question four – Where do you get your inspiration from?

I went through a hard time and, when ever I had a spare moment, I began to daydream of a happy place. Those worlds are now my stories. I hope they bring a good place for others to escape to for a little while when they need it.

Question five – How many books do you currently have published at the moment and are you working on anything new?

The Portal Prophecies is a six book fantasy series which is complete and has two spin off series: Surviving the Sins is an eight Novella series of which two are out and Shattering the Effects of Time – the first novel Finding the Fountain of youth is releasing September 30, 2017.

Tomoiya’s Story began with an opening novella to the vampire lore in that Universe. I had such a request for further backstory that I put aside the Novel that was supposed to follow and wrote a second Novella, Collecting Tears as a fan request. The next Novel is coming in 2018.

When Leaves Fall: A Different Point of View Story is outside the box short story that is nothing like my other works. It’s a stand alone.

Peach Coloured Daisies is a Cursed by the Gods Story which released July 1, 2017. It will be followed by Red Flower Obsessions in 2018.

Flower Shields: A Four Horsemen Novel is the first of four in a series.

Question six – Do you self-publish or have you gone with traditional publishing and why?

I self-published. I researched everything for weeks and found far too many phone calls coming through asking for large amounts of money to publish my books. I decided to hit publish and see what happens. I am glad I made that choice.

Question seven – If you had to take three characters (Either your own or from someone else’s book) to dinner who would you choose and why?

Prudance, the prettiest witch in Pewterclaw from Pride. She has attitude and power. 

Groot – I am Groot.

Nancy Drew – to see if she can still solve the mystery.

Question eight – What genre do you prefer to write in? And is it the same genre you like to read? 

I am a Fantasy Author. As a reader, I like a little bit of everything, but cheesy romances will always be close to my heart.

Question nine – What is the best bit of advice someone has given you about writing?

Get a good editor.

Question ten – What advice would you give to a new writer?

Get a good editor.

Want to find out more about her? Check out her links below…

Her Facebook author page –
Books and quill magazine that C.A. King writes for –

Twitter – Take a look at CA King (@PortalProphecy):

Amazon link to her and her books –

Thanks to C.A. King for taking part.


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