Pen or pencil???

When writing ‘NOT’ typing does the type of pen or pencil you use impact your writing? And whichever do you prefer?

Personally I use a pen never a pencil, why? Because I’m too lazy to keep sharpening a pencil, my train of thought comes so quickly and I would run down the led too quick and then have to keep sharpening and discarding the mess that comes with it. So I use a pen, but not just any pen… oh no it has to be a biro, I don’t care for the colour, the thickness of the pen shaft or the price of it, all I care about is how smoothly it glides over the paper. I care about how it makes my hand and writing feel, if its a good pen it will handle my scrawled handwriting when I’m in a hurry and still be readable, if its not the right pen my handwriting will not go into the flow and not let me into writing zone I like, it will slow my brain down and then I will get annoyed and bin it and try another until I find another ‘best’ one. Price doesn’t matter either, sometimes I’ve found the cheaper pens have flowed better than the dearer ones. Other than sharpies I love those but they stain pages behind pages and are much more suited to my drawing and colouring than my writing.


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