Is writing a hobby or paying your bills?


Being a writer is actually really hard but people thinks it’s easy, I quite often get asked a whole load of questions;

‘You published a book, surely you must be raking it in?’

‘Wish I had time to write but I’m so busy, your so lucky you have the time’.

‘Can you help me write mine?’

‘It’s not a real job is it though, not like mine’.

But it’s not easy, not at all and sometimes I wonder whether if I had known how hard it would be whether I would have still done it. But… I think I’ve always had it in me to write so I guess really I would have turned to it one day whether it was when I did or later on in life I will never know.

Some questions make me mad when they ask them or tell me things, E.G. Your so lucky you have the time’ One of the mums in the playground said this to me once and it made me laugh inside but I was a little mad, yes I write books but it doesn’t mean I have time. This particular mummy doesn’t work or look after her kids they are in school all day every day, gets her hair and nails done all the time, goes to the gym three/ four times a week and doesn’t do her house work but has less time than me. I do my housework, look after my toddler when she isn’t at nursery and just about squeeze in my writing if and when I can. Then there was the ‘Can you help me write mine’ (They also told me it wouldn’t take long because it was for a short story), well no… Not because I’m the horrible author woman raking it in lol but because I just about have time to write my own books let alone anyone else’s, they don’t think about all the time, effort, proof reading, editing and all the rest that comes with it or the fact that I have a family and a life. So no, I done it alone with no help and so can you, or join a writing group where there is lovely people who can help and advise! The other one that annoyed me was… It’s not a real job is it though, not like mine?’ This particular mummy thinks she better than everyone anyway but made me feel so small when she told me writing isn’t a real job. Yes I might not have a typical 9-5 job and my hours are when I choose but it’s still hard. Especially when all she does is work in a call centre annoying people at home like me and telling me that the windows I have are rubbish and that I need new ones. Hello? That is not a real job, that is harassment!!!!

So back to the main question, Is writing a hobby or paying my bills?

Well at the moment it is mainly a hobby (I know I just moaned about the whole job scenario) but that is mostly because I don’t make that much money. I buy my books, sell them to others and am lucky to make back the money I spent with a tiny amount of profit (Pennies not pounds). But I’m not one to give up, I’m determined that one day one of my books will make it, that my (Job) as a writer will bring home some of the bacon. But it is hard graft in the sense of my brain is constantly in use, you have to get the idea, expand it, make it grow, put it on paper, edit it, make a cover, format it to publish, promote it (All of which are hard, take time and all for no pay) but I know one day it will. It has to right? To make all the blood, sweat and tears worth it?


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