Hen night and cocktails…

It’s a well known fact that authors and writers can be extreme introverts (They don’t get out much) and for a long time I hadn’t been out much and hadn’t really mixed with other mummy friends for a while but lately I’ve gotten in with a fairly lovely mummy crowd at the school and was invited on a hen do for one of them. And I have to say it’s the best night out I’ve had in forever and ever… Well at least since my wedding lol!!!

When I was younger I was never one for really going out and getting drunk, I hated dancing in the clubs and would just stand at the bar clock watching to go home. I would have much preferred a night on the sofa with a good book than a night out, but now I’m older I do like the occasional bit of excitement and the lovely mummy group have been inviting me to Bodyshop parties too, so I’ve been (partying a little more than normal). (Although I do still love a good book night too). So they invited me along to this hen do and I actually wore a skirt and heels which NEVER happens, I don’t do skirts I hate my legs but this one was swooshy and had netting to hide the stretch marks. The heels I don’t tend to wear much due to my hubby being the same height (Shorter) as me but that night I was determined to wear some I’d had for years but never worn. We caught the train in, me and the hen herself which was funny as I hadn’t been on a train for years either and the ticket machine was all high tech and weird. Then we strolled into a pub for a pre-meal drink meeting some of the others who had beaten us in. All of them laughed at me when I told them I’d never had a cocktail before (I just hadn’t, I’m normally a wine drinker and it has to be red wine too). So we ordered ‘Sex on the beach’ and WOW, was I in love with it. I shared them with two other girlies and then at the meal had three glasses of wine… To say I was drunk was an understatement, I don’t normally drink that much but lately I am drinking more haha (Maybe not the best thing for my liver and brain lol). The meal was nice, the wine was better. It was great chatting and drinking with friends and the hen looked so pretty, happy and merry it was great to be with those mummies, mummies who didn’t look down on me for being an author (Believe me when I say there is a few mummies at the school who do and I don’t talk to them much now). They are all so laid back and beautiful, even if they don’t think or believe it they so are, their personalities shine through and make them gorgeous!!!! So happy hen do… And soon to be happy wedding day for one of them… She knows who she is 😉 (Not that she’ll ever read this, she is crazy busy in the LOUD HOUSE).


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