The past…

When you pull out something old from your wardrobe, a box, from a whole life time ago it makes you think. This is my old hairdressing box that my hubby had got me for my 21st birthday. I had just had my first daughter and planned to go back after my maternity leave. Back then I loved hairdressing, making someone feel good and new, being creative (must be in my blood) and feeling myself like I was pretty too. For some reason in my head in my teenage years I thought I was ugly, a weirdo and that no one would want me, so I chose the job I thought would make me pretty. I decided hairdressing because my aunt was a hairdresser and I looked up to her, she had it all nice hair and was pretty, a doting family, nice car, own home and I wanted that too but when I became an apprentice I realised it wasn’t like that at all. It’s hard work, long hours on your feet (rubbish pay) and the girls could be the biggest bitches going (although I did get on with most of them) it wasn’t what I expected. And then when I came back off maternity the girls were different, the salon was struggling due to the recession and I got forced out, was told go self employed or leave, so I went self employed and earnt £10 for a weeks work!!! I could not bring my baby up on £10 a week, plus the other stylists were stealing my clients, moving them into their columns and telling me I had no one in. I know this because a client told me she had booked in with me only to turn up on the day I was told I had no one in and was put in with one of the others. I had enough, it made me hate the job I had spent years training for… so I left and never went back. But it’s days like this when I promise a friend I’ll help with her wedding hair, or trim my nans hair for her that makes me think back to it, to how it was a shame I was made to hate it when I could have been so good at it if I had been able to gain the experience needed. But then if I hadn’t left would I have started writing when I did? Would I be who I am now and where I am? Maybe…maybe not… but I’d choose the hard life of an author any day 🙂


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