Book Review – Wilde Like me by Louise Pentland…

It’s no surprise I got this book really is it? I mean she is my favourite blogger, V-logger, author etc… When I found out she had written a proper novel I just had to get my paws on it and when I got the email from her mailing list telling me WHS were doing signed pre-order copies well, that was it, hubby had no say over the bank account that day because I was going to get one no matter what!!!

And I have to say when I received it I wasn’t disappointed. It was signed by her in a lovely golden pen and a cute little love heart over the ‘i’, it was in hardback too so less easier to get damaged by little kiddie hands (As they do raid my bookcases) and it came earlier than expected yay!!! So I began reading and instantly fell in love with Robin and Lyla. Know I have to admit the whole single mother thing I couldn’t really connect with as I’m happily married but that didn’t matter in the slightest because I could connect with her on other levels. The emptiness Robin felt is common in women, either by being single, shy, not gelling with the mummies at the school, work colleagues, post-natal depression etc… We all feel it in one way or another. What I also liked was how Robin grew in the book, (Yes I know she is an adult) What I mean is, how her character at the start was a wreck, she didn’t like her life but she opened her eyes and changed it, she took on extra work to bring in extra money and to gain more confidence in her (Makeup) field of work. She dated men, yes some where awful dates but two were good, well maybe not one of them but I loved how she stood up to him in the end and let him know she was no pushover. And the other one, the surprise phone call at the end!!!! Well now I need Louise to hurry up and write the next one so we can see if Robin gets that happily ever after that I was so rooting for her to get. So yes, I loved Robin, I loved the book and I feel like I have actually known her, like she was a friend… A friend I’m going to miss until the next one…

So I highly recommend this book, especially to other mummies. It will make you laugh and smile, it’s so true, real and heart-warming. So go on you know you want to, go and get a copy now!!!


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