What is your largest collection of one author?

What is your largest collection of one author? This is a question someone messaged to me via my author page the other day… But I have to admit my biggest collection isn’t by one author but it is a series but not a series all in one but a franchise… RESIDENT EVIL!!

Ever since a teenager I loved the Resident Evil games especially Resident Evil 2 with Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy and I guess it’s this series that has spanned my inspiration for my own Zombie novels. I remember when I was around eleven, I went into my local Waterstones (I was always in the horror section, although some of the books I probably shouldn’t have brought at my tender age) and I spotted some Resident Evil books, they were written by S.D. Perry and were based on the games with a couple of extra’s just to fill in the gaps between the games… Zero Hour, The Umbrella Conspiracy, Caliban Cove, City of the Dead, Nemesis, Underworld, Code Veronica X, I loved them all so much I read them to death, especially City of the Dead which I actually threw up on one night when I had a bug and had to rebuy it… I also had to rebuy them all this year because when I gave birth to my youngest I suddenly became scared of them (Don’t ask me why) and I gave them all to charity but I soon realised it was just a phase and regretted getting rid of them… So I ordered them all again but they had different covers not the originals which I was a bit sad about but then the new covers were just as cool. I also have the novelisation’s of the films… I know a lot of people don’t like the films compared to the games but I actually really enjoy them and had to get them all. I think my favourite is the first one ‘Genesis’ but I do actually really like the last one, ‘The last chapter’ even though that one got a lot of stick for being rubbish but I loved it. And have since told hubby we need to do a Resident Evil movie marathon… But I am also doing a Resident Evil Film Book marathon too lol. Just because….


So my biggest collection is… RESIDENT EVIL!!!


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