30 ways to keep creative…

Sometimes trying to keep the momentum of creativeness moving is a hard task. It can leave you feeling empty when all you want to do is what you love… create something!!! Here is a list I made in hopes it keeps me and maybe you too creative.

  1. Read as much as you write – Sometimes someone else’s narrative voice can kick start your own again and can also help you learn differebt vocabulary.
  2. Watch a film – If your anything like me then you need to see things to let your imagination run free. So grab the popcorn and have a dvd film marathon.
  3. Play a video game – Not everyone’s cup of tea but it helps me see worlds I might never have seen or imagined myself and quite often they give me inspiration for my own stories.
  4. Buy a new notebook – There is nothing that makes you feel fresh and creative than a new notebook to write those fresh new ideas in. The more unusual or pretty the better for me.
  5. Get drunk – I find alcohol gives me nightmares or weird dreams but I use them, they come in handy for new ideas. (Obviously in moderation I’m not telling you to become a drunkard on a regular basis and don’t do it if you medically can’t!!!)
  6. Buy a writing magazine – They are full of writing prompts, ideas, competitions and more to get your creative juices flowing.
  7. Draw, colour or paint – Stuck on words for a scene in your book? Draw it out and make it come to life. Doesn’t matter if its not perfect as only you have to see it if you want. Maybe the picture will make the words come to you.
  8. Make something out of clay – Is there a certain ornament or artifact present in your story? Make it, so you can hold it, feel it and work out the texture, then you can explain it with more truth in your work.
  9. Music – Make a playlist of songs that make your imagination dance. Maybe make a different one for each story so your brain can focus on each one when certain music plays… A bit like a trigger in your self conciousness, you hear the song and are taken to your story.
  10. Go for a walk – Need visions for a scene, take a walk in a place thats similar to what you need. Take pictures, note down smells, what you hear and see. What are the people / animals doing?
  11. Cook something – Get those taste buds working on a nice meal then write about it. How did it taste, what were the flavours, did you feel full or empty, happy or sad.
  12. Talk with friends – Maybe your brain needs some interaction with other humans. 
  13. Rearrange your book shelves – A tidy house (bookshelf) makes for a tidy mind and might help make the cobwebs disappear, whether they are real or in your mind.
  14. Follow the writing rules – Then break them… Sometimes being a little naughty makes fun for the brain and can trigger new emotions to use as ideas.
  15. Take a break from the computer – Maybe your brain waves are fried and need to recuperate.
  16. Have an idea, write it down – No matter how big or small write it down as it may grow into something great.
  17. Practice – Just keep writing. Whether its good or bad just write. Practice makes perfect.
  18. Make mistakes – They happen, life is full of them, don’t let them hold you back, just grab a new pen and paper and move on.
  19. Sing in the car or shower – Don’t fear what people can’t hear. Get them vocal cords working to your favourite song and make yourself laugh, smile and feel good, even if like me you sound like a strangled cat.
  20. Surround yourself with creative people – They don’t have to be writers they could like crafty things, knitting, sewing, gardening, art, painting… etc… but if you have nice creative people around you, you will feel more creative too as you can bounce ideas off one another.
  21. NEVER GIVE UP – If at first you don’t succeed try and try again until you do. Don’t give up hope and always believe in your self.
  22. Gather inspirational quotes – And keep them safe in a notebook for when you are feeling less creative. Maybe write them down with fancy lettering and drawings to make them stand out more.
  23. Count your blessings – There is always someone out there worse off than you.
  24. Get out of your confort zone – Meet new people, read out some of your work to friends and family or at your local library. Gaining interest from readers and people will make you feel better about your work and make you want to keep going.
  25. Take risks – Write something you wouldn’t normally write and read something you wouldn’t nornally read… it might make new ideas arise.
  26. Don’t force it – If today isn’t your day try again tomorrow. If the words aren’t coming naturally then take a break from it. Readers will know when part of a story has been forced and will lose interest, so wait till your mojo is back.
  27. Make a gift for someone – Decorate a jar and fill with sweets, decorate a nice hamper filled with treats, a photo collage, frame filled with sparkles. Do something else creative.
  28. Enter competitions – You might win or get your work mentioned in magazines or online which is obviously a confidence booster. Don’t try and your never win.
  29. Give some books / your work for free – People love freebies and can help with word of mouth and for you to gain feedback. Give some to your local library and then take pictures of it on the shelf so you can show people.
  30. Finish something – Finish your current WIP and then your mind can focus on the next one. Closure on one can bring new beginnings for something else.

Hope these help keep you creative 🙂


2 thoughts on “30 ways to keep creative…

  1. Number 5 cracked me up!

    I enjoyed your list to get the creative juices flowing again. I think you’ve got some solid options that anyone can use to get back into that creative mode.

    Liked by 1 person

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