No blogging when Internet is down…

So this week has been a bit of a bummer for my whole blogging everyday of the year challenge… My broadband hub decided to go ape and break, meaning I had no internet for two days!! Which also meant I didn’t blog for two days!!! Naughty me 😥 Now I do normally try and plan and post them in advance so the sheduler deals with them but I had planned on writing them on the day due to being busy with the kids but alas it didn’t happen and now there is a two day blank on my blog posts and for that I am sorry… lol… not that anyone really cares about that but me. 

And I know I have the app on my phone but I had no wifi from my broadband and no mobile data due to using it all to contact the broadband provider over a special chat thing they do. So I am sorry I haven’t blogged properly this week and please forgive me. It just shows how much I rely on technology and how things get skewwifed when technology fails. Could be a new writing prompt for me though, this whole technology thing… but maybe I should finish the other ten million wip’s I have going on at the moment first!!!


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