D.I.Y-ing my bedroom :-)

Me and my little family have lived in our little house for over four years now but not once have we ever decorated our bedroom, mine and the hubsters bedroom… We have decorated every other room in the house but not ours, yet it was most possibly the one with the most need. It had cracks in the ceiling from where they moved the walls in the house around (landlord not me), the tenant before had painted it but not well and the magnolia needed refreshing as it was marked and stained. Plus I hate magnolia with a passion. My hubby is normally the D.I.Y and paint expert but said he didn’t want to do it, so he left it down to me which was either brave or crazy of him to trust me with such a task.


It was magnolia, cluttered, dusty, gloomy and not at all nice and pretty looking. I hated it!!!


It was true that I had to keep smiling, the ceiling paint was peeling off when I tried to paint it, (really the ceiling needed skimming over) there was dust everywhere, I had to sort out the clutter and rearrange the furniture, fill bags for rubbish and bags for the charity shop, watch the kids and keep them from stepping in or touching the paint… it was a busy two days.


But the end result made me smile, its much more airy now and clutter free 🙂 and I grabbed a few bargains too. The curtains were from Dunelm mill and were reduced from £50 down to £12.50 due to a small snag in the fabric (which I fixed) and the packaging was damaged. The paint was on offer at b n q for £9 and the elbow grease was free labour lol. But I’m so please and happy it looks good. Even the hubby was impressed.


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