Main characters personal demons…

What are your main characters personal demons… That was a question many authors were asked on the 30 days 30 authors challenge and here was my reply.

Mira from my book Junia sees herself as a young child, mostly because that’s how she has been treated her whole life, she has never been able to do anything on her own or for helself and this has become one of her personal demons. She looks down at herself and has no belief in what she can do. In the world of Junia and through her journey to save it she encounters many real enemies and demon like people that Andromeda and Lumi send her way. She has no faith in herself and feels that she can’t help as she holds no magic of her own and relys on the converters for help which makes her self doubt surface more. Until she makes a discovery that changes her destiny.

So Mira’s biggest personal demon is her self doubt and lack of faith in herself.

What’s your main characters personal demons???


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