Author Interview with Greg Alldredge…

Here is my author interview with fabulous author Greg Alldredge who is another author from the 30 days challenge, please give him a warm welcome also…

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Greg Alldredge: “Lights in the Night”

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Plagued by nightmares, Trevor’s drawn to Texas by unknown forces. What are those lights? Join Trevor and the quirky town residents as he searches for answers and tries to fill the void in his heart.



I guess I said it best on my author page, I’ve had several careers over the past 50+ years. Currently I am a theatre teacher and a writer, this is probably where I will continue to work until I die. Growing up, I was bitten by the travel bug. Since my parents were not independently wealthy, I joined the Navy to see the world. I spent twenty years in the Navy I met and married my wife we adopted our son and we travelled extensively, I also acted professionally from time to time. Once I retired from the Navy I went into the medical manufacturing industry that was great it put my son through college. I came to Texas to retire, I failed at retirement. I began teaching because several people said I would be good at it. After five years teaching in Texas, we decided to travel overseas and teach. While in China I found an outstanding opportunity to write. I had tried and failed to write books in the past, either by location or maturity this time I was able to complete what I started.

Question one – Why did you personally choose to take part in ‘Lucinda’s 30 days 30 authors promotion and writing challenge’ and what do you hope to accomplish at the end of it?

This is a multipart question so of course I must give it a multipart answer. I’ve always found it helpful to be in the group of motivated individuals. My hope was to become better at marketing my books and eventually sell enough books to take my wife out to dinner. I think since we’ve begun I’ve made a lot of friends of fellow authors and down the road the networking will only help me and everyone else involved.

Question two – Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your other job if you have one? Where are you from? What skills do you have other than writing?

Again, a multipart question, you want to get your money’s worth from a few questions. Currently I am a theatre teacher in China. Before that I was a theatre teacher in Texas. I’m originally from Southern California but I’ve travelled extensively getting to where I am now. This is I think my fourth career, if you add sailor and actor maybe fifth? I enjoy writing, I’ll keep at it until I no longer enjoy it.

Question three – Why do you write? Did you always want to be a writer or did you have other plans for adulthood?

I write because even as an actor I’m a storyteller. Writing is just another escape for me to tell a good story. I’m in my early 50s, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I hope in twenty years I’m still growing and learning and doing what I want to do.

Question four – Where do you get your inspiration from?

For me inspiration can come from anywhere. I might get it in a song, a picture, an old poem, or even just visiting a new location. I am always thinking of “what if” questions that I normally begin my books with.

Question five – How many books do you currently have published at the moment and are you working on anything new?

I currently have only finished one book. It is my third attempt at completing a book. For some reason, either age or location, I could finish one this time. I am currently about three quarters finished with book two in my series.

Question six – Do you self-publish or have you gone with traditional publishing and why?

I self-publish because I was too impatient to go the traditional route.

Question seven – If you had to take three characters (Either your own or from someone else’s book) to dinner who would you choose and why?

I would take Crystal from my book, ‘Slippery’ Jim DiGriz from “The Stainless-Steel Rat”, and Arthur Dent from “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. I think they would all get along well and it would be one hell of a party.

Question eight What genre do you prefer to write in? And is it the same genre you like to read? Currently I write in science fiction though I have several books started in other genres. I normally read science fiction, but I’m happy reading Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and many other writers. I don’t like painting myself into a corner because I like so many different writers.

Question nine – What is the best bit of advice someone has given you about writing?

Get off your butt and write.

Question ten – What advice would you give to a new writer?

Get off your butt and write.

Thank you Greg for taking part, I wish you all the best in the future with your books.


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