Resident evil the final chapter… my film review…

Resident evil… The final chapter…

Resident evil, one of the biggest video games of all time… It all started off in Raccoon, a small city in America, home to the Umbrella Corporation, a company who made biological warfare, who made the T-virus and wanted to destroy the world with zombies!!! 

Now with the films they are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. I admit I was hooked on them since the first one came out in 2001, (how could I not, I played the games, read all the books) and with Kick-ass Alice as the main heroine it made me see women could be cool as hell too. I loved the scares it gave me, the jumpy scenes, the gore and the music by Marylin Manson. To me it was a great homage to the games, then came the second which wasn’t the best for me personally but to me it did reflect the atmosphere of the games and did sort of play true to them, the third one I enjoyed so much I used it for an essay I was doing in my photography lesson, the whole telekinesis (moving things with her mind) was brill and inspired my character Kaley in my Alone series. Then came the fourth and fifth, both again I enjoyed, the whole clone thing was a little out there but if you know the games well you could so see it happening… then lastly the final chapter came along…

And I really did enjoy it. I know its had a lot of stick and been called rubbish and been trolled but I really did like it. There were obviously a few annoyances for example how it was the Marcus family who engineered the T-virus and the personality for the Red Queen was Alicia Marcus (who is one of my favourite characters) which totally disregarded the first two films where it was the Ashfords who created the T-virus and Angela was the face of the Red Queen??? This threw me a little but I watched on anyway and enjoyed it. Then there was the disappearance of Jill, Leon, Ada, Chris etc at the start, which the last film left off just before a huge fight between them and the monsters. Apparently only Alice survived, Wesker turned traitor again (not that we saw that one coming due to him being an ass in the games too) and didn’t give Alice her powers back and the others were killed. Ok I could live with that but what about K-mart?

I did however like how the story took Alice back to the beginning, back to Raccoon and back to the Hive. Where she found out who she really was and could potentially cure the world with an airborn antivirus. My favourite characters are The Red Queen, I just love how ruthless she is, Alice obviously she’s kick ass and Claire just becasue she’s the only one from the game who survives ‘Andersons’ hand. It was good also to see the dogs return although they always scared the crap out of me in the first one and third, the flying monsters appear (as best to my memory some flying monsters do appear in some of the games) but I also appreciated how Alicia Marcus, Alice and the Red Queen were all connected (The Trinty of bitches) as Dr Issacs kindly put it.

My score 8/10 just because of the whole Marcus / Ashford thing but other than that I fully enjoyed the film. 🙂 And I would recommend it to for the great fight and explosive scenes.


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