Studying my emotions for a year…

I saw this on Pinterest (as you do) and thought it was a brilliant idea, (I’m not taking it as my own idea as it was not but I found it on a pin board and thought it was a great way to study my own emtions and how they look during certain times of the year).  So here is my version, obviously its half way through the year pretty much now so I’m going to start it on August 1st 2017 and run through till the end of July next year and see if my emtions or the way I look at life changes at all. I might come back to it occasionally to see how I’m getting on but this time next year I will post how its gone.

Here is original link from Pinterest where I found the idea…

What do you think?
Why not give it a go and see how your emotions affect your life over the course of a year and see how you can change your outlook for the better 🙂


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