Author Interview with Merri Halma…

Here is my author interview with Merri, another great author from the 30 days 30 authors challenge, so please give her a warm welcome… 😉

merri 1

Question one – Why did you personally choose to take part in ‘Lucinda’s 30 days 30 authors promotion and writing challenge’ and what do you hope to accomplish at the end of it?
I choose to take part in it because I wanted to learn to promote my books better. I hope to increase my presence on Facebook and find new followers and also to create new sells.

Question two – Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your other job if you have one?
My other job is a ‘homemaker.’ I’m also branching out to find individuals who are interested in learning to interpret their dreams. I am not doing very good at getting the word out, right now, but hope that improves, too.

Question three – Why do you write?
I write to ease my mind. My imagination is always creating stories and adventures. They won’t go away until I write them down. My inner voice urges me to create and it is a positive outlet for me. It gives me a voice.

Did you always want to be a writer or did you have other plans for adulthood?
Yes, I always wanted to be a writer. I also wanted to be an actor, but that wasn’t met to be.

Question four – Where do you get your inspiration from?
It comes from talking with others. Though, my Indigo Travelers Series came from my son, when he was one or two, he asked me to tell him a story about himself, a neighbour boy and a backhoe, he called Digger. The Indigo part came from people I met who called my son an Indigo Child. I wanted to learn more about them, so I turned the main character into an Indigo teen who wanted to understand who he was and why he was the way he was.

Question five – How many books do you currently have published and are you working on anything new?
I have two published and I am currently working on the third book in the series, Indigo Travelers and the Lost Murdoc Princess.

Question six – Do you self-publish or have you gone with traditional publishing and why?
I self-publish. My imprint is called Dreaming Lizard Press. I would love for a traditional publishing company to pick up my series, though.

Question seven – If you had to take three characters (Either your own or from someone else’s book) to dinner who would you choose and why?
I would choose Sarah Johnson because she’s strong willed, speaks her mind, and she’s a Goth. I would want her to know she isn’t alone. She feels so out of place in our world. I want her to know she does fit in and learn if she has any words of wisdom for me in opening up to my readers.

The second person I’d take is Sage of Stillness. He’s a traveller originally from the World of Nampa, who became a traveller to many other worlds. I want to pick his brain about become more a spiritual traveller, and learn how to transcend this life without leaving the physical world.
The third person would be Healer Astral, my griffin Healer from the first two books. Though, he dies in the second book of old age, he still has wisdom. I would want him to teach me more about healing my physical, mental and emotional body.

Question eight – What genre do you prefer to write in?
I write Spiritual Fantasy. All my characters are conscious, even down to the pebble you want walk on. Though, the pebbles have a hard shell, they only kick back if they are kicked or man handled.
And is it the same genre you like to read?
Yes, I love fantasy. Though, I read all genres. Currently, I am reading a Piers Anthony book and Jason Nugent’s book.

Question nine – What is the best bit of advice someone has given you about writing?
Write. Sit your bottom in the chair and write.

Question ten – What advice would you give to a new writer?
Write continuously. When you’re done, find a good editor who will listen to you and assist you to have the best book possible and who will also allow you to keep your voice. That means that if you say something isn’t to be changed, it isn’t changed.


Here are the links for Merri, why not check out her author page 😉




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