Daylight’s End… film review…

Not one to pass up on the opportunity of witnessing a new zombie film, I instantly said yes when my husband purchased this from our local supermarket for just £7… Now we’re not daft (most of the time), we know a film that cheap when it first comes out is normally a warning sign but I have chosen cheap films before and have been pleasantly surprised but by this one… I was not so much…

The story is about Rourke (I think that’s his name anyway) who is out in his done up zombie proofed car when he comes across the first zombie we see as the audience and to me I would more say vampire than zombie. They burn to death in sunlight!!! He then goes on into a town, fights a few more zombie / vampires before coming across a gun fight between two survivor groups, he then saves a surviving woman from one group from being abused by killing them all. Her name is Sam and tells him she has a bigger group in Dallas and that he should go with her, in return he would get ammo and supplies, they also end up dragging along a poor woman whose mind is gone, she is cradling a toy baby and has called it Jacob. Once at this new camp with Sam things are not all they seem, the zombie / vampires have grouped up and keep attacking the camp (which is an old police station) they are attacked again and the place is overrun until sunlight comes, then they are safe for a while. The group wishes to go to a plane they have found to take them to a so called safe haven but the zombies have trapped their vehicles in a garage so they decide to find new cars. Rourke thinks this daft as they won’t make it as the zombies and their alpha leader need to be stopped and will follow them. So half the group go car hunting, the other half go zombie hunting but of course it goes wrong and they all end up being chased around at the police station. They hold them off for a while until all hell breaks lose and they have a slight plan. Rourke ends up killing the alpha who it turns out was following him all along beacause this alpha turned Rourke’s wife. Who you see glimpses of in some memory shots but don’t really know or see what happened to her. At the end the survivors of the group all leave and Rourke goes his seperate way… The end…

The film was ok, bit boring in parts, not overly gripping although when they were hunting each other near the end the music was spooky and jumpy giving it some of the zombie atmosphere you expect. The acting wasn’t too bad but not brilliant either and the guy who played Rourke seriously had a terminator thing going on and those sunglasses even in the dark??? I thought he was gonna be half infected or something and need them to stop his eyes burning?? But no he was just a normal human.

The vibe of the film in places reminded me of ‘28 days later‘ but not as good and also some of the ideas reminded me of ‘I Am Legend‘ with Will Smith with the whole infection and sunlight thing.

My score 7/10 it was ok but not brilliant but another zombie / vampire film to add to your collection if you so wish.


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