My book shelves…

You can never have too many books or too many book shelves, unless your house is too small to accommodate the library you are quickly growing… 

This happened to me… So I had to have a clearout. It made me cry sorting some of the books out for the charity shop pile and to be honest those that left where ones I would probably never have read again but it still hurt, they are all my book babies. But on the plus side my shelves looked immaculate after 🙂 

The whole of the top shelf of my first book case is mostly my zombie horror collections from The last of us, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, In the after, The enemy series and warm bodies, The girl with all the gifts, The Strain and Stephen Kings The Cell… The others were my favourite mummy hardbacks such as Wilde like me, The unmumsy mum, Sprinkle of Glitter and Being Human (Ok that one isn’t a mummy book but a vampire, ghost and a werewolf but they had nowhere else to live) And my Harry Potter illustrated versions…

The second book case is my old teenage collections such as The mystery club, Charmed, Anita Blake, True Blood, Sailor Moon and a few new ones that I either brought from the charity shop e.g. my Egyptian ones 🙂 or they were given to me by my little sis, The selection series and the Glitch series. All of them which I love and could not bear to part with in any way shape or form. I do have a third book case as well but that is full of the kids books from Roald Daul to Jacqueline Wilson and many more… I cannot wait to see what books they grow up into and end up loving and whether they were my old favourites or new ones…


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