My writing prompt challenge and book winner…

This month I decided to hold a writing prompt challenge to get my page readers writing for the chance of winning my book Junia in paperback. At first I thought no one would enter but then I had a few people take part. Not many but enough to fulfill the competition needs. So here they are, the authors and their comments 🙂

Comment by S.A. Gibson on my bride picture 🙂

Her groom is travelling from far away. This day has brought families together, and will be a memorable event, for all. If, just, it comes together as planned…

Dan Melson’s comment on my Compass prompt… (although he didn’t have time he did leave a slight idea)

Good prompt. Don’t have time for it today, but suppose it’s somehow not an ordinary compass? Suppose it tracks a certain kind of magic?

Angela Haffenden’s comment on my police car prompt…

The police car is empty, lights flashing and there is no one in sight when I get there…

And the winner is???

Angela Haffenden. Please contact me.


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