I’ve been interviewed by Jason Nugent on his blog… 


It is nice occasionally to have someone interview me about me and my writing for a change. I am normally so open to having my blog filled with author interviews, which isn’t a bad thing because I have met new brilliant friends, authors who’s books I now follow and read like a fan reader but I also get to show my readers what else is out there on the indie book scene. But I do sometimes feel a little left out so I’m super happy to have a couple done about me and my books lately too. I am an author too after all not just a blogger. I do however believe in this day and age of being an indie author and there being so much competition is that the smaller writers need to group together and support one another. It is great to see others do well and to help promote them and to receive help in return. Like a quote I once heard said ‘Their success is not your failure’ and that’s what I go by. I will support and not envy them when things go right for them because hopefully one day it will also go right for me too. So thank you Jason Nugent for this 🙂

Source: Author Spotlight: Mercedes Prunty


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