My favourite coffee shop…

It’s a well known fact authors and writers hide and congregate in coffee shops. Now I don’t actually write in them, I don’t feel that comfortable writing out and about, I need my home comforts but it doesn’t mean I don’t like a good coffee or smoothie when the time arises.

Muffin Break in my local town Eastbourne situated in the Arndale shopping centre is my favourite. Both me and my kids love the smoothies there, their coffees are yum, their selection of food is yum and the staff are mostly really friendly… (the amount of times I’ve had to run to the toilet there with one of the kids due to the lack of toilets for parents with kids at the Eastbourne Arndale centre) which is a whole other story… but the staff don’t mind us nipping in to use it, even if I haven’t taken the chance of buying a delicious smoothie yet. We also love dragging nanny in there and occasionally if she’s not too busy my sister.

I like the atmosphere there and although it gets busy you can normally find a decent seat either inside or at least on one of the benches outside 🙂 My all time favourite drink is the strawberry and banana smoothie and my favourite food was a spinach pie thing I ate.


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