Rainy days won’t stop our fun…

The summer holidays are moving on swiftly and the change in weather is up and down, rain then sunshine then sunshine and rain but even if the weather is bad we won’t let it stop us.

So we went to our usual hangout at our local zoo. We went to the busy and overcrowded soft play which was a child controlled chaos, we went and saw Peppa Pig (my youngest was meant to have her picture taken with Peppa but freaked out at the huge cuddly appearance of this pig). Then we went on all the rides, my bum got soaking wet but it was hilarious and the girls thought mummy having a wet bum was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Lastly we went to see the animals and even fed the Lorikeet birds which was super funny when one of them pooed right by my eldest daughters foot (never heard her laugh so much, she is definitely a fan of toilet humour). This day out was fun but I do hope next time we go out the sun is shining 🙂


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