Wedding hair…

Recently my friend got married and she looked so beautiful and happy and I was lucky enough to be a part of the morning goings on of getting the bride ready for her big day. I was there to help do her hair, because a friend had let her down so I offered (with my small experience in hair dressing, which I admit is a little outdated and I had to watch YouTube videos to get inspiration for it) there was also her bridesmaids present, as well as her photographer and another friend doing her make up and her family.

First off because I was a little rusty I insisted we do a few trial runs, but before I even went near her hair I practiced on my poor daughter who would only comply if I let her eat chocolate and watch Spongebob.

So we decided on one, a rope looking braid that wrapped around itself.

So here is how I made the special look;

A – First up I brushed the hair so there were no snags or knots. (You can also back comb the top layer of hair if you like for added volume which I did on the bride but not on my daughters hair).

B – Then I made two small sections (ponytails) and tied them both off with the small invisible looking elastic bands.

C – Then the ponytail on the left nearest the ear I separated into two, then I led the other ponytail between the two and clipped that one up and out the way to use in a minute.

D – Next I sectioned another ponytail, adding in the loose sections from the separated ponytail and tied it off with an elastic band. I then undone the clip and let the other ponytail hang down Then I repeated the process of separating the ponytail on the left in half and placing the other one through it and clipping it up.

E – Keep repeating process.

F – Keep repeating process until it makes a plait looking shape.

G, H, I – Once you reach the end of the head you tie it off so you have two ponytails left. Then you tie a band so you have just under about an inch of hair tied, then make a hole with your finger and pull the other ponytail through, then tie that off with a band make a hole and pull the other ponytail through.

J – Once you have repeated the last step until you have made a long plait, tie it off. Then its time to gently pull at the plait / rope loops so they are more spread out and fuller looking. Do this until you have desired look.

K – Then its time to pin it all up. Slide the long section under the more stable sections of the plait and pin until it holds on its own. Then add jewels or in our case it was a veil as desired.

Here is the link to the original YouTube video I used…


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