Other words to use instead of ‘SAID’…

Readers, teachers, professors, bloggers, authors and literally everyone who has an opinion on the subject will shout from the rooftops that the word ‘SAID’ is a no, no. I use it sometimes in my books just because I feel it shouldn’t become an obsolete word, I just try not to use it ten million and one times, I mix it up a bit using the words listed below.


Here are the other ways you can say ‘SAID’:

  • Argued     Boasted     Shivered     Freaked     Accused
  • Dictated     Demanded     Thundered     Snapped     Sneered
  • Ranted     Raved     Bellowed     Cried     Sobbed     Whined
  • Mumbled     Whispered     Bawled     Groaned     Muttered
  • Thought     Wondered    Pondered     Cringed     Approved
  • Concluded    Mimicked    Quaked    Stammered    Gulped
  • Stuttered    Trembled    Rejoiced    Laughed    Giggled
  • Joked    Sang    Cheered    Marvelled     Smirked    Beamed
  • Chimed    Hissed    Fumed    Barked     Commanded    Ordered
  • Insisted    Roared    Grunted    Replied    Answered    Told
  • Responded    Asked    Begged    Started    Spoke    Reported
  • Retorted    Remarked    Inquired    Acknowledged    Explained
  • Added    Called     Boomed    Shouted    Exclaimed    Screamed
  • Yelled    Belted


These are just the ones I use and can think of but if you know of many others please feel free to comment them below. It’s always good to expand ones vocabulary for writing to make it grander.


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