Sometimes when writing you might slip up on the whole punctuation thing, I mean I do, especially when I’m tired and writing like a trooper. That’s where editing comes in and fixes most things but sometimes your brain goes to sleep and you forget what certain things mean. Here is just a small refresher on punctuation:


. This is a full stop. Funnily enough this ends a sentence and is considered for telling.

! Exclamation mark! Used to show alarm! Considered using for YELLING!

? Question mark? Helps to signify when you are asking a question. What are you?

, Comma, used to show a break or a pause in a sentence, can also separate items in a list.

‘ Apostrophe. Can be used to help shorten words / Phrases. Used in place of certain letters. Show’s possession.

: Colon: Introduces a list. Also indicates dialogue in a play script.

“Hello” Speech marks. Shows what is said.

() Brackets. Contain unnecessary but somewhat interesting information.

; Semi Colon; Joins two main clauses together.

  • Bullet point. Highlights points in a list.

There are also two others which for some reason the document wouldn’t let me add on there own without turning into a bullet point. – Hyphen – Creates compound adjectives. – There is also a single dash that looks similar but a little longer which separates independent clauses.

These are all pretty much easy things to know, which most of us do know but sometimes its nice just to refresh our memories on these things.


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