New WordPress App update…

If like me your WordPress App on your phone recently updated to the new Beta Editor version you might or might not have experienced difficulty with it and wanted the old version back. Well have no fear, I have it all figured out. I didn’t ask for it to update my phone does it automatically, which is normally great but when it updated this certain app I found it could no longer use my app properly. It mostly mucked up on the whole ‘images’ thing, either not loading them, or loading them then they disappeared, or when I tried to go out it said that they were still uploading, even though I couldn’t see them and had managed to write a whole blog post and just wanted to save it. This was a mare for me as I do use the app on my phone a lot, for example when I lay with my kids at night to get them to sleep I will quickly use the app to write up a blog post or two. Or if I’m out and about and I have a great idea I can simply use the app. So I soon emailed my concern to WordPress Via the Play store App and I was soon emailed with the advice I needed to turn my app back to how I loved using.


The steps they gave me really worked, I disabled the Beta Editor and my App came back to normally I can now use it like before. The steps I took were: Go to your avatar type circle (ME) then select app settings and select the visual editor not Beta editor and Ta-Da, all fixed. YAY!!!

I have to say I was really pleased with the quick reply they sent me (The screenshot was taken days later from my email). Customer services for many organisations is something not be desired by many but I was really happy with the service I got from them. At least now I can work happily again and blog to my hearts content. WordPress is my favourite blogging platform, I did try WIX when I started up a new blog due to recommendations but it just wasn’t as easy and fun to use as WordPress, so I came back to it and the quick response and ease of turning it back to how I like has made me appreciate WordPress even more.



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