Blogger Recognition Award!!!

WOW!!! Do I feel happy today 😉 So I’ve been chosen by another BLOGGER for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. I feel happy and really appreciated as writing a blog does take a lot of time and effort but also not only have I received the award but I also get to nominate other bloggers for the award too 😉


What is the Blogger Recognition Award???

The award for Blogger Recognition is given to Bloggers by other bloggers to show their appreciation for all the hard work and dedication put into their blogs and for all the blogs posts they have put into the world of blogging for others to read and gain inspiration from.

To me this award is just WOW and gives me a warm and amazing feeling of finally being recognised for the work I put into my blog daily, (Yes I said daily! It was a challenge set by me to blog everyday for a year to see if it can improve my writing and growth for my blog following – And it seems to be working 😉 ). Many people do not understand the commitment, time and energy that goes into creating a blog that all us bloggers work so hard to keep going for others to read and gain helpful tips and inspiration from. Blogging helps me because as an author I need to have an author platform that my readers can find me on and connect with me through but it also helps with keeping me actively writing and also helping other authors when they need a few hints or tips. (In the world of author-ing and blogging sharing is indeed caring and helping and advising is not a weakness but a strength… It helps us build a better and stronger community).

So who Awarded and Nominated me???

A brilliant blog called ‘From the Scars’ From the Scars Blog link.

This blog is lovely and wonderful and all about the author of it who felt alone but wanted others who felt like that to see this blog as their friend in the darkness. But as well as stories of life’s struggles there are many other brilliant aspects to this blog from self help tips, Quotes and a magical music Monday!!! “I have added stories about myself and my family, self-help articles, daily quotes that I love, and my favorite “Music Monday.” I have so many other parts of me I am looking forward to sharing. I love to draw, write (stories, aside from my blog), cooking, and making crafts. So I am hoping to add a D.I.Y, drawing, and cooking section to my site in the near-future.” – This Quote is from the ‘From the Scars blog’ Telling us a little about their own blog 😉 But by the sounds of things they want to add more and expand with their Lifestyle niche.

Why I started my own blog…

I started my blog… Mercedes Prunty Author (AKA – The Walking Mumbie) because I needed to start an author platform so my potential readers could find and connect with me. At first it was just all about my books and other books I had enjoyed reading but as I have grown as an author and writer I now have added writing tips to help other authors hoping to hone their craft, film reviews (I love a good Zombie film), book reviews, author interviews, days out, my favourite recipes. Anything and everything that happens in my life and my writing world I add. This year I also started a challenge to blog once a day to keep my writing skills toned up and to also see if it helps to grow my readership – and so far so good. I won’t say I know it all because I don’t, I’m still learning new things about blogging and writing daily but I love it, it can help let off steam, it can help connect with other bloggers and writers and I have met and got to know a lot of new and wholesome assortment of friends.

My Advice to New Bloggers…

P – Prepare.

L – Love.

A – Attention.

N – Never Give Up.

Prepare – Keep all notes in a book or folder on all ideas for future blog posts. Plan them all in advance so you never have a time where you have nothing to blog about. Be prepared for how it will consume parts of your life, even going for a day out somewhere will become potential blogging material.

Love – Love what you do. If blogging becomes too much of a chore and a bore it will become apparent to your readers, leaving them bored and not coming back to check out later blog posts that could be awesome. Keep it fresh, love doing it and watch it grow.

Attention – Pay attention to all the small details that might be overlooked, Is your post shareable? Is there content that might offend readers and scare them off? Are the images eye-catching? Are you even using images? Are you using brilliant titles that draw the reader in? Are you keeping an eye on copyright, this can be for your own work but also other peoples, you cannot copy others work and you cannot use copyrighted images as you can potentially be sued!!! Also don’t repeat posts too much, maybe re-visit successful ones and expand on it, remember to keep ideas new and fresh to keep readers interested.

Never Give Up – There will be days when you have no desire to write, no love to give and no ideas to write but those times will pass. (Plus remember you would have planned posts in advance for the days you can’t write) Also remember not everyone will like your blog and want to follow it or interact with it but that’s ok because you can’t please everyone. As long as you love it and keep it going others will enjoy and love reading it too. So NEVER GIVE UP!!!

PLAN – Prepare, Love, Attention and Never Give Up!!!

Collage 2017-09-23 12_11_43

My Nominations are…
















Collage 2017-09-23 12_15_09

Rules for accepting the AWARD!!!

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Write a post to show off your award.
  • Brief story on how your blog started.
  • Advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 bloggers to nominate award to.
  • Comment on each blog so they know they have been nominated.




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