Resident Evil – The final chapter – movie novelization book review…

Review of the Resident Evil novelization for the 6th Resident Evil movie which was meant to be its last but left on a kinda cliffhanger in both the film and the book so there could be more :-). Book is written by Tim Waggoner, film by Paul W.S. Anderson, original video game by Capcom.

Being an avid Resident Evil fan and owning the other film novelizations I couldn’t not get the last one 🙂 I mean that just wouldn’t be right, I’m the Walking Mumbie and Resident Evil was my first proper encounter with Zombies. 

So the book starts off like the film with Doctor Marcus trying to save his daughter Alicia Marcus who is really ill with Werner Syndrome / adult progeria, with a new drug he had created that could cure most diseases but when a young boy who was asthmatic but wasn’t anymore due to the new miracle drug dies from choking and is reanimated Marcus and Doctor Isaacs realise that their miracle cure is not all it seems. Marcus wishes to destroy it but Isaacs has other ideas and kills Marcus to silence him but takes his daughter Alicia under his wing but only because she can be used and he can control umbrella with her half of the company as well as his. Then you are taken back to Alice where she was left at Washington D.C and the aftermath of a huge battle between the humans and the undead. The book is better in the sense that it explains what happened in the battle, how Jill, Ada and Leon died, how Wesker betrayed Alice again and Becky going missing. Then we bump into the Red Queen, who explains that the remaining 4,500 ish survivors only have 48 hours to live before umbrella kills them all but they can be stopped by Alice and an airborne cure to kill everything infected with the T-Virus, including Alice.

So Alice goes on her mission, heading to where it all started, the Hive in Raccoon City. On her way she bumps into a demented version of Isaacs who belives he is God’s will and is set to cleanse the earth and delightfully chops off his hand for him so she can ride away on one of umbrellas state of the art motor bikes. Once at Raccoon she is ambushed by the survivors there only for her to find Claire Redfield who has been separated from her brother Chris again. The group then find out Iaaacs is coming for them and set to work to defend their home, using copious amounts of gasoline as they don’t have much firepower. Once defeating Isaacs undead army but not Isaacs himself the group then set off to the Hive, where they are greeted by more undead monsters, e.g. monster dogs and a huge licker / humanoid thing. They are also met with the Hive’s defenses run by the Red Queen and Wesker but the Red Queen has defected and is desperately trying to help Alice and tells her of a traitor in the group. After some of them being eaten, fingers chopped off and falling to their deaths in vents and huge fans the remaining few head to the main control room where Alice is confronted by Isaacs and Wesker, meets the true Alicia Marcus who Alice finds out she was cloned from and that the Red Queen has gone rouge after Alicia uploaded damning evidence that umbrella caused the whole end of the world on purpose which has gone against her programming of conserving life. Plus Doc (Claire’s new boyfriend) is found to be the traitor and it seems like all hope is lost until Alicia fires Wesker from the corporation and the Red Queen attacks him as he is no longer an umbrella employee which acts as a distraction for them all. Isaacs runs and Alice and Claire go after him but not before Claire kills her betraying lover. A fight takes place in the old laser room with Alice losing fingers to trick Isaacs so she can switch the cure for a grenade on his belt. Then she goes to the surface to let the cure free but both Isaacs turn up and the clone one can’t handle he’s a clone and kills the real Isaacs and the undead kill him so Alice lets the cure free. 

She wakes up confused as she believed she would die too as she had the T-Virus in her but instead it cured her and made her fully human again. Claire and the Red Queen appear and the AI gives Alice a gift… All of Alicia Marcus’ memories so Alice can really feel human. 

I loved the ending in the book as the Red Queen (now called Ruth) locates Becky back in D.C. and they go to find her. It was so much better than the film where they just disregarded Becky altogether but at least now Alice has her sort of daughter back. But there was a cliff hanger with Weskers blood hiding in the ruins of the Hive, waiting until it can one day resurface to destroy the world once again.

I loved this book, it filled in so many blanks that the film left out and made it more complete. If you love Resident Evil but the last film left you a little confused or annoyed I definitely recommend reading the book to make sense of it all 🙂

9/10 from me.


2 thoughts on “Resident Evil – The final chapter – movie novelization book review…

  1. Awesome review! I do a book club every month and we read books that have movies and so far I realizethat in every case the book has been better than the movie. O plan on writing reviews for the two books we have done so far!


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