10 tips from me about blogging…

Being an avid blogger it’s always great to find some handy hints and tips to help you along your blogging journey to keep you up to date, up to speed and organised. Here are my top ten tips to help you and your blog stand out from the crowd…


  1. Don’t try and force idea’s for your blog. This can make any posts you do write boring, strained or sloppy. Wait for idea’s to hit you, it might be on your commute to work or school, it could be in the shower or as your going to bed. Just make sure you keep a notebook handy to write any ideas down as and when they come, then when you have more time you will remember what your idea was and you can expand on it. If you are struggling to come up with any post ideas then the best thing to do is read other blogs. Don’t copy their ideas as that can be dangerous territory and you could end up being sued but see how their posts work, create ideas from their own… Social media sites such as Pinterest are also brilliant for coming up with blog ideas. Just type it in and watch all the pins appear!!!
  2. Use a good blogging site. I love WordPress as it is super easy to use but when I was going through a rough writing patch and thought for some crazy reason that I wanted to rejuvenate my blog with a new site I found it to be the worst idea I had. I went to Wix, and boy was the site difficult and tricky to use. Some people say Wix is easy but I just didn’t like it’s layout or the way it wouldn’t post automatically to Social media for me. WordPress is the most efficient site for me and after about a week I went back to it. I guess what I’m trying to say is… Go with a site that is easy for you not everyone else. PS – If you want to give your blog a new leash of life then change the theme not the whole site!!!
  3. If you have a real sudden urge to write and produce loads of posts ideas all at once don’t just publish them. Try and spread them out so they don’t all read and sound the same in one big chunk. Plus they can become useful when you aren’t feeling well or are going on holiday to use as backup posts.
  4. Use Images. Everyone knows with blog posts that readers can be and most probably will be attracted to the image as well as the title. So either take your own images which is the best or find sites that you can use pictures for free. Stocksnap.io is the site I use as its CC0 and you don’t need to pay or have permissions, but I do always try to add the photographers name out of courtesy so people can see who did take the original photo.
  5. Titles need to be catchy but also reveal what the post is about. If you write 100 days of cats and dogs but give a food list of what Rabbits can eat only your readers will be annoyed and confused. So keep the title on topic.
  6. Sharing your blog is a must to gain readership and fans. There are many sites and groups on Facebook that will let you share your page but that is not always the best for growing interaction as everyone in those groups are after the same thing. Maybe create a blog Facebook page and share it on there and Twitter, or use Pinterest to Pin your blog posts for people to find. But also try visiting and commenting on other bloggers sites and interacting with them, they may even give a like or two back, plus their readers might see you commenting and then want to check yours out. Or try hosting or taking part in a blog crawl or blog hop, where readers check out one blog and then a link moves them onto the next one.
  7. Keep it fresh. Don’t bore your readers with the same kind of posts all the time, maybe experiment a little. For example I do a lot of writing hints and tips but occasionally I will throw in a night out, a big family event or birthday just to break it up a little and so my readers see I’m human too.
  8. Dedicate a space to writing as it helps you concentrate more. My writing place is my husbands comfy armchair next to the breakfast bar. I write better here than anywhere else. I even had a makeshift desk and chair upstairs but I always tended to write better down on that armchair so hence I no longer have the so called desk and chair and it is now back into my makeup table. So once you have found your writing space, keep it!!!
  9. Readers love to be helped or advised about something. I mean how many times have you ever asked Google a question? I bet on one or two occasions its taken you to someone’s blog with advice? Plus if readers know you give good advice on your chosen subject then they will keep coming back to read more.
  10. Don’t forgot to thank your readers occasionally. Readers like to feel involved and loved, so ignoring them is a no no. If one of them writes you a question then you should answer it. If you have had loads of new likes then say ‘Hi thanks for all the new likers’. They will feel appreciated and keep coming back.

Hope these hints help you in your blogging adventure.

Image by Redd Angelo from stocksnap.io



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