Secret Project = Children’s book… Here is BunnyMoo…

Being an author means your brain NEVER switches off, EVER!!! 

Last week my eldest daughters teacher approached me and ask if I would, along with another author come in, read a book, do some book activities and just make reading and writing look cool, as so many kids now a days cannot read! I was ecstatic to be asked but my only problem was… I’m an adult book author, normally zombie horror and fantasy stories. What was I going to do??? 

Well early in 2017 I’d had an idea for a kids book, I had scribbled it down on a scrap bit if paper and thrown it to the back of my to-do folder and forgot about it. So Sunday night I had an epiphany and remembered my story, so I found it out and realised it wasn’t too bad. Only problem now… I had no pictures. But lately I have been drawing pictures for the remake of ‘The keeper of the key’ and thought they weren’t too bad, so maybe I could put my hand at drawing illustrations for my kids book.

So late Sunday (9pm – 2am just to be precise) I sat and drew and coloured in all the pictures. Monday morning I spent hours writing the words and adding the pictures to a word file and then uploading to Createspace. And then Tuesday after finding out the paperback was fine on Createspace but the E-book went a little crazy, I then made and uploaded the E-book version onto Kindle Direct Publishing (using their kid book making programme). Then the electronic proof version came through and was approved. And Ta-da just like that my book was done and ready. 

Which made me a happy bunny lol (no pun intended) as it means I too have my own kids book to read when I go to the school, which has made my little girl happy too as mummy has written a kids book as well as adult books.

Hope you all like it, would love a few reads, downloads and reviews. 🙂 

Here is the link if you wish to read it…

BunnyMoo book…
Happy reading.



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