Getting my Writing mojo back…


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Before Christmas I was in a writing slump, it was a writers block because I had all the idea’s inside my mind that I wanted to get out I just had no get up and go do it but also I had no time. I was helping out at my kids school a lot, we had some family issues with some certain In-laws and when I did have time to sit and write something would always crop up.

So as January is the month of new starts I decided to make writing one of my top priorities again (My family are my first). But I needed some things to help me get my mojo again…

  • New pens and notebook – There is nothing better than writing down all your idea’s in a fresh and spanking new notebook and a fancy pen that makes you write nice. First up I got one to write all my blog idea’s down in so they were all in one place and in a notebook that was small enough to travel with me (Before I had them all in a huge folder – big mistake as it actually depressed me looking at the huge hulking mess). then I got a fountain pen and practiced writing pretty, that definitely made me want to write more.
  • Played a new PlayStation game – Sometimes I just need a little more inspiration and I find video games are a great way to make my mind buzz and get my juices flowing.
  • Looked at all the books I had already self-published – Sometimes you just need reminding of what it is your really doing and why you do it. I write because I love to write and sometimes people get me down because they’re not interested, don’t read or are jealous and it makes me think why do I do it and seeing what I have achieved already makes me snap out of my down zone.
  • Planning time – Some days I get side tracked, my friends will invite me round for a cuppa and I end up staying all day, I’ll miss my mum or my nan and decide to visit them, I help out at the school, I need to get shopping etc. But I find that if I write on the calendar that I ‘AM’ writing on that day and that I cannot do anything else that I am more than likely to do it. I need it set in stone and to not be able to change it (Unless it’s an emergency!)
  • Listen to music. Sometimes a good song that I can relax to, daydream to, vent out all my frustration and anger out with the lyrics can help get me out of my down place and into my happy writing place. Music for me is not just songs, it is ideas forming in tunes and lyrics, its a way to make me write by watching images in my mind whether it be a story or a blog post.
  • Candles, incense and getting chores out the way. If my home smells calm and relaxed then I am calm and relaxed and that makes me a better writer. If I can smell dirty washing then I can’t write until I have done the washing and all my chores. I have become super woman at doing my chores in no time. I tend to set one day as chore day and another day as writing day.

But sometimes I do need someone to tell me I am doing good, that my books are ok, that I have a talent to keep me going, otherwise you feel you are doing it all for nothing, but sometimes the person to tell you that has to be you because others don’t understand what goes on in our weird writers minds. So lastly…

  • Tell yourself you are doing good and that you are talented and that someone, somewhere loves or will love your book/s.

So these helped me to get my writing mojo back but what helps you?

Happy writing.


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