Answer to a reader…


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I received an email just before Christmas asking me if I am going to write a sequel to Junia. For those of you that haven’t read it, it’s my Fantasy novel set in a magical world I called, you guessed it… Junia.

‘Hi Mercedes, I have just finished your book Junia and wanted to say although it wasn’t my  usual thing I downloaded it when it was free and decided to give it a go. And I really enjoyed it but how could you leave the ending like that? How could you leave Thane in the mirror! Will he ever get out? Can him and Mira ever be together? I did enjoy the ending as it shocked me as I was expecting Nuelle to have revived him and send him back to Mira but to give him to Mira in a mirror, I mean Nuelle controls spirit, she is the soul converter… Surely she could have done something! Anyway although the ending caught me off guard and was different I really want to see him get out. Will you write a second one? Thanks, Mrs Cliff’.

And my answer is… I just don’t know???

I haven’t had the idea for another one, yes the main goal would be to get Thane out but… nothing else has come to me. I don’t want to just write a second one for the sake of there being a second one but maybe I too don’t want to leave him there. Maybe in a few years to come if the idea smacks me in the face but for now… I have no plans for a Junia 2… Sorry!!!



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