Books I plan to read in 2018…


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2018, the year for books!!! For me it is the year to write more and to write more I most certainly need to read more. Now I have my old favourites which I go back to almost yearly and they give me the inspiration, voice and ideas to keep me going with my own ‘Works in progress’ but I also need to read new exciting stories to give me more imaginative juice, to give me new ideas, new hope and new dreams. So here are the books I wish to read this year, (The list may change or grow as 2018 moves on so I will update if and when necessary)…

  • Mirror, Mirror by Cara Delevingne (I got this for my birthday so really should read it)
  • All ‘The Walking Dead’ Novels by Jay Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman (I have some of them but couldn’t get into them before but new ones have come out and sound good but need to read the others to understand what is going on as not fully based on the comic / T.V. show as has different characters)
  • Nefertiti by Michelle Moran (I found this in a charity shop and because I love Egyptian things and legends I thought this might be fun to read)
  • World War Z by Max Brooks (I loved the film and am sure I would love the book too)
  • The Artists way by Julia Cameron (Saw it in my Writing Magazine and thought it looked good)
  • The right to write – Also by Julia Cameron (Again saw it in the magazine)
  • The Creative Writers Toolbelt handbook by Andrew J Chamberlain (Originally a podcast but now in a handy book to read, might be worth a nose)
  • I also plan to read ALL the Charmed books based on the hit television show that I used to watch in my teens. Why? Because I love them and haven’t read them for a while and want to read them again!!!

I think these are a good start to reading as I need to make sure I keep enough time to write as well as read. And be sure to look out for reviews on these books as and when I read them 😉

Happy reading.


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