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Here is an interview with a fellow blogger and writer. I love meeting new people and I thought it would be great for you guys to meet new people too… So let’s meet Debbie from My Random Musings…


Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.
Hi, I’m Debbie, I’m 36 and I’m from the North East of England. I work as a full time writer, both for myself as an author and as a freelance ghost writer. I enjoy reading almost as much as I enjoy writing.

Why do you write? Is it something you always wanted to do as a career?
From being a young child and first starting to do some creative writing in school at around age seven, I wanted to be a writer. It was two years ago that I finally took the plunge. It took me a long time to start doing something I loved, but better late than never.

You’ve written quite a few things to date, which is your favourite book / poem / short story and why?
Oh that’s a tough one. I think it would have to be “Gaze” which features in Twisted Tales. It was one of those stories that just came together nicely as I was writing it, and I think Mel, the central character, is relatable to a lot of people some extent, for all she’s certainly far from what we would consider normal. A lot of people contacted me after reading the book to say that they really liked that story, and as this was my first release, that meant such a lot to me.

Who is your favourite character that you have written? What makes them tick? Why did you have to tell their story?
I loved writing Amy’s character in The Mirror. Amy is paranoid to the point of being a little annoying when it comes to her daughter, Lilly, but as her back story comes to light, it becomes clear why she’s like that, and she becomes kind of a sympathetic character.
I enjoyed writing about Amy’s internal debate around whether her mother’s instinct was actually spot on, or whether she was, as her husband was quick to point out, paranoid to the point it was affecting her daughter’s behaviour.
I feel that Amy reacts in a way that any mother would when they believe their child to be in danger; her fighting spirit comes out, revealing an inner strength she didn’t even know she had.

What actor / actress would be the perfect person to play your character if it ever got turned into a film?
Would it be too ambitious to say Natalie Portman to portray Amy? I loved her performance in Black Swan where she absolutely nailed playing two very different sides to one character.

What author and or book has inspired your own writing?
I’ve always been a big horror fan, so it stands to reason that the majority of my books have a horror theme. One of the first horror authors I discovered was Stephen King. I loved his style of writing, especially in his older stuff like The Shining, IT, etc. Reading his books fascinated me, and made me think about how it’s possible to send a shiver down someone’s spine with words.

You mentioned you self-published your works, why did you choose that route?
Initially, it was always in the back of my mind that I would self-publish my books, but I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself without looking into my options. After a lot of research, I decided that self-publishing was the right route for me, certainly in the beginning.
I was drawn to self-publishing for several reasons. I like the idea of being in control of every aspect of my book. There’s no publisher telling me they want they want a different ending to the one the story has, for example.
It was also a case of time. I hate the idea of finishing a novel and then having to wait six months for an agent to respond to a query, then assuming it’s a positive response, waiting up to a year after that for the book to see the light of day.
I’m not saying I would never go down the traditional route. It’s an idea I still toy with sometimes. But it’s extremely hard for unknown authors to land a traditional publishing deal, and I think if you have a bit of experience of self-publishing, it shows you know the industry, you understand marketing and you already have a readership.
This can be a major advantage as you are now expected to do the thick of the marketing yourself even with a traditional publishing model, and you’re so much more likely to get a positive response from an agent if you have a proven track record of sales and sales channels.

Are you a Plotter or a Panster when it comes to writing?
It depends on the story to be honest. A lot of the time, I open up a Word document and start writing and see where the story takes me. For novels, I usually have an idea of the rough storyline, but often, for short stories I have no idea who or what I’m going to write about until I’m writing.
The novel I’m currently working on is a bit different – I actually had a planned outline (although the ending isn’t going to be the original one I had planned).

Do you have any Work’s in Progress that you hope to publish?
I’m currently working on my third novel. I also have a few short stories done ready for Twisted Tales 3 and I have a couple of non-fiction book ideas swimming around my head. I’m hoping to publish the novel later this year, plus Twisted Tales 3 and at least two non-fiction titles.

If you had to take 3 characters (Your own or someone else’s) to dinner who would you take and why?
I’m going to choose other people’s characters because sitting there with fragments of my own imagination would be too weird. You know, and sitting there with fragments of other people’s imaginations is completely normal. Right?
I’m probably going to be hated for this one, but the first one would be Harry Potter so I could ask him why on earth he married Ginny over Luna.
The second one would be Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist. I’d love to find out what it felt like to actually be possessed and to ask her if she has any lasting issues from all of that.
The third one would be Rio Richlin from Front Lines. There’s no burning question I have for her, but I think she’s a really well written character with a lot of depth and I think she’d make good company.

And finally what advice do you have for budding writers?
Just go for it. Write your story and get it all down. Don’t worry too much about everything being perfect in the first instance, that’s what editing is for. Getting the bones of the story down is the best place you can start.
Don’t let fear hold you back – you can do this.

Thanks for having me. I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the interview and having a trip down memory lane with some of my old characters.

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Thank you Debbie for taking part!!!



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