Giving up…


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At the end of 2017, I came to that big hard wall that seems to stop me from pursuing my writing dream… Self doubt… Why? Well…

Writing is such a hard career to get into especially now a days with there being soooooo much competition with other Indie authors, Big named authors, celebrities releasing novels because they can and just the whole, well you can write a book then so can I. Now I might be blonde but I’m not daft, I knew writing wasn’t going to be an easy feat when I decided that was what I wanted to be in life, it was a dream I’d had since a kid, I’d always be writing something or drawing front covers to books I wanted to write but I knew I would have to work hard, I would have to everything I could to make my dream real. BUT and it’s a big BUT, the average small author like me has a dwindling chance in this modern book world…

  • Traditional Publishing houses don’t want to take chances on small time, unknown authors, they seem to keep with the big names and only produce books they seem to know will sell (Yes I know that’s the point of a business to sell something that will sell but, sometimes why not just make a leap, take on a new author and give them a chance?) I mean look at J.K.Rowling with Harry Potter, she was rejected so many times, yet once she was accepted it went off with a bang… BANG!!! And what’s to say a small time author like me couldn’t do that too.
  • Big time publishers taking on celebrities stories (not just autobiographies) but novels, stories and selling them widely but only for the celeb to have just given the idea and then have someone else write it for them, take for example Cara Delevingne’s book, in big letters on the front it’s by here but underneath is another authors name in small print ‘Rowen Coleman’ if she was such a great author herself then why does she have another author writing it with her. She has only written the book because of who she is and the publishing houses know she already has a large fan base and the books will sell whether they are good or not. This is pushing us already struggling authors further out of the book market.
  • Then there is the Indie Slush pile, with so many indie authors out there competing to been seen it makes a slush pile of good books not seeing the light of day. And it also depends on how many friends and family you have that will help promote you. I have seen authors with loads of friends and family get their books pushed out into the world, or if they have decent money to promote it, yet smaller ones don’t have their books promoted due to not having money or many friends. I do know that it is also quality of your work that defines you as a writer and your book but sometimes in life you need a little help. I know my books aren’t for everyone and I accept that but that slush pile just gets bigger and bigger.
  • I also know of some occasions where other authors have bad mouthed or left a bad review for fellow authors. There is a woman (Don’t know her name) but she is a serial bad reviewer on Amazon, she loves another authors work and anything in that genre she will review and give a bad review. As authors we are all in this together, so maybe we should work together. There was also a time at a book festival I went to where an older lady author, bad mouthed all us self published authors on stage for not being real authors, yet funny thing was none of us knew who she was, yet I knew quite a lot of the Indie ones by their books.
  • Reviews, all us authors beg for them but don’t seem to get them, or Amazon will take them away just because they can. I’ve had people email me or message saying they couldn’t review my books because they know me on Facebook, or they like my Facebook author page. I’ve even heard of one author having reviews taken from them because the person lived in the same city as them!!! Yet the big names authors get to keep their 400+ reviews yet authors like me gain 6 but have 2/3 taken away??? Another smack in the jaw for the humble indie author.

Other things that make me want to give up are what people say to me; writings not a real job like mine, I work so much harder than you, it’s a hobby not a career, writing is easy I could write a book too, you write in the wrong genre’s the ones you write in are boring. I’ve even had jealousy where people stop talking to me when I tell them what I do, or I get asked to help write, edit and promote theirs for them when they don’t read or do anything for mine, they feel that because I have written something they can do… Not that I can decide on that because the old saying goes ‘Everyone has a book inside them’ but when they do it just to spite you??? I’ve also had people I know start new ventures, and I have supported them in that by sharing, word of mouth etc but not everyone returns it, some do which is nice but lots don’t, it’s all take, take, take!!!

But after my RANT I’m not a giver upper, I’m a fighter and I will continue to write for me and the people who do like to read my books!!!

Happy writing.


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