The Walking Dead Lego set’s review…

I love everything Zombie as most of you know and because of my love for all things Zombie and ‘The Walking Dead’, my hubby treated me to the ‘The Walking Dead Lego’ sets (By McFarlane toys) which you can actually build to look like some of the scenes from the brilliant television series. He got me three of them to begin with and he said as big dates arrive later in the year he might treat me to the others, but here are the three I have.

  1. The Prison Boiler room – Which involves Rick (My Favourite male character) and a rather decaying looking zombie. It is portraying the famous part of when Rick was losing it and kept hearing the phone ring when truly and really it couldn’t have been.
  2. The Governors Fish Tank Room – This one is of the scene where the Governor is sitting in his special room with all the walker heads in tanks, and the special metal door where he keeps his beloved daughter locked up in the hopes that she will one day return to normal after being turned into a walker.
  3. Daryl on his trusty motorbike – This one is of Daryl and his motorbike which as people who watch the series will know, is a rather common occurrence. Daryl (Until Dwight came along) has never really been without a bike for long.

So the first one, The Prison Boiler room was fun to build and looks fab. It has all the small details of the pipework, dirty and grimy floor tiles, the telephone, the boiler, brickwork and a decaying zombie. This one was fairly easy to build following the instructions, the only downside with it was they had given two of the same type of certain Lego brick, when I needed one of that type and another one which meant I couldn’t build a certain part of the back wall like in the instructions. BUT being the Lego master builder I am I came up with a solution and slightly changed the construction but made it so it still looks pretty much the same. (But isn’t that the whole fun of Lego, to build it and make it your own?) I really do like the way it looks so apart from the slight muck up with bricks I think it does look fab. I give this one 8/10.


The second one, the Governors room was my favourite one to build. It just looks brilliant, I love the detail on the floorboards, the small armchair, the table and lamp, the cage door and especially the fish tanks with the walker heads inside. PLUS the fish tanks light up!!! It looks so great with the light on and really makes it such a nice collectable piece of construction. This one was also the easiest to build, the instructions were super easy to follow and all the parts were there. I give this one a 10/10.

The last one which is the one with Daryl’s bike I have to admit was my least favourite one to build, it was super fiddly and some parts snapped or broke off whilst making it so I had to glue them together and I didn’t get as much grass stated in the instructions. But although it was my least favourite to build I do actually really like the way it looks once finished. The detail has been really thought of with the road sign being bullet holed, the road and tarmac with sand, mud and cracks, the actual bike although fiddly to make and snapped but once glued together looked awesome and Daryl with his bow on the back just made my set look almost complete. Plus I must add the grass doesn’t like to stay where it should so also had to be glued but since I won’t want to rebuild as its on display I don’t mind the fact that I had to glue it down. I give this one an 8/10 also.

So if your thinking about getting some of these but don’t know whether they are worth the money I would have to say for me, they were worth it. I loved building them and displaying them and I have had quite a few comments on them when people pop over.

Happy building.


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