Charmed Novel – The Kiss of Darkness – by Brandon Alexander – Review…

Welcome to the next Charmed novel review instalment – The Kiss of Darkness by Brandon Alexander based on the hit T.V. show by Constance M. Burge. Sealed with a Curse…


It’s New Years Eve, Piper is working hard at Quake, Phoebe is dancing the night away at Quake and Prue is at a clients party hoping to seal more deals at the auction house she works for. Midnight strikes and Prue is kissed powerfully by an unknown kisser. At first she presumes it’s Robert, a French antique dealer who has had a soft spot for her for some time but when she kisses him she knows it wasn’t him, it wasn’t powerful enough!

Over the next few hours and days Prue goes on the hunt by kissing almost everyman she sees to find the one who gave her the unforgettable kiss but in doing so she is making herself ill and weak. Then there is a deadly bug or virus doing the rounds which is seeing men being hospitalised and very near to death, the sisters soon find out it is due to Prue and her deadly kisses. Prue becomes so weak that she can feel her life force being taken away, by a demon who takes life from her and others from all her kisses and once Prue is of no more use he can break free!!! Prue is devastated to find that her phantom kisser is of pure evil and although being so weak finds a way to help destroy him but she needs her sisters help but they cannot hear her. Phoebe and Piper must work together as the power of two to save their sister Prue and all those that are ill from her kisses. And to do this they also have to enlist the help of a Tarot Card reader who predicted all of this for Prue and has the card to help trap him along with a beautiful emerald necklace.

I really enjoyed this Charmed novel, it was a little spooky with the whole demon stealing life with kisses thing but I thought it was a really great idea and fitted in so well with the Charmed feeling. There was some humour (As to who Prue was kissing and finding attractive) there was the mystery as to who the mysterious kisser was along with the usual Charmed magic and sisterly love for one another which as always manages to conquer most demons and evil. I like the originality of the authors idea on this story and although I know the Charmed ones do, ultimately always win it did make me wonder how they were going to get Prue back from this one.

Happy Charmed and Reading.


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