What do I think BLOGGER stands for…

Bloggers are many things from housewives, to business owners, authors to fashion experts, make up artists to travellers. There are so many different types of blogger and hundreds of different niches that bloggers can choose from and different blogging platforms that bloggers can write on and share via social media. But what does the word BLOGGER mean to me? Well let’s break it down…

(Images by Min An and Ovan via Stocksnap.io)

B – Builder – Builds content to put in their blog posts which is eye catching, informative and something the reader would really want to read. They build online communities and also take part within other online communities to make the blogging world the fun, friendly and huge place that it has become. They build a following for their own business, craft and or blog and also help others to build theirs.

L – Learner – Bloggers learn on the job what it is they have to do, they start off small just writing small, simple posts until they build a following that will want to read more informative posts. They like to learn new skills which they share on the blog for others to comment on and maybe also learn a new skill from too. They also have to learn time management e.g. juggling work, play, being a parent, writing books, travelling, doing make up tutorials and ultimately blogging!!!

O – Organiser – Has to organise posts so they know which date and time the post will be going live. Organising post ideas in journals so they know what they have and haven’t written yet but also to store their ideas so they don’t forget them. Organise their posts to be shared through social media to gain more followers.

G – Grower – Grows their online presence, readership and fan base organically. (Which means they are real follower’s not just like for likers). Grows their ideas and knowledge by reading other blogs and taking part in blog hops and guest posts.

G – Getter – Bloggers are usually ambitious people who want to achieve something great in life and will go out and get it by blogging, sharing, posting, advising, growing, learning, organising and building. They will stop at nothing to reach and get their ultimate goal.

E – Educators – Whether it be in the literal sense in the fact that they have a degree or knowledge of something and are educating others about it, or whether they have learnt something and wish to share it.

R – Researcher – Bloggers have to research many things for their posts, either to make sure that what they are blogging about is true but also that they aren’t copying anyone else. They have to research ideas and topics to keep it fresh and reel readers in but to help expand their knowledge and share what they find.

Bloggers are people who love to write, they are people that love to reach out and communicate with others who also like and love the topics they blog about. Bloggers blog to grow their audience and online presence.

A lot of bloggers also like to make money from their blogs (Something I don’t currently do – Mainly because I blog in the hopes it will grow my readership for my books and that they one day will become my sole income). My blog is to give people writing tips, to show them my works in progress, what it is I enjoy to do in my spare time, my artwork for my books, my book releases, other authors I might interview and books I might read and review. My blog is an extension of me, it is part of my author platform.

What does the word blogger mean to you?

Happy Blogging.



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