Charmed Novel – The Crimson Spell – by F. Goldsborough – Review…

Here is the next Charmed Novel by F. Goldsborough based on the hit T.V. show by Constance M. Burge.


Prue, Piper and Phoebe have all made new acquaintances and friends as of late. All seemingly innocent BUT are they the reason the sisters powers are acting up and not working as they should?

Piper is helping at a centre for unruly children and becomes a mentor to Celeste and Daria. Daria is a little unhinged and takes offence to Prue and Phoebe’s discouragement to Piper bringing the girls to their home when the club P3 becomes a no go zone. Celeste then expresses fear and concern over her friends behaviour and seemingly dark powered ways. Hunting for Daria, Piper and Celeste come across an old abandoned house which reeks of dark magic and is home to warlocks and an evil cult, managing to get away by the skin of their teeth Piper agrees to let Celeste stay at their home.

Prue becomes friends with Adrienne, a Wiccan shop owner who claims she has the power of Telekinesis causing Prue to accidently revealing her power of Telekinesis.

And Phoebe starts to fall for a guy at her Karate class who she sees in a premonition being attacked but when she arrives at the Dojo it’s not the guy who is being attacked… It’s her!!!

Then the sisters find the evil covens calling card, Ribbons, which seem to be the reason for their powers being off. The Charmed ones soon discover that all of their new friends are part of the evil cult / coven. Most of them are part of or once where from the home for tear away kids. It turns out Prue’s friend Adrienne wasn’t fully evil and didn’t want to harm them and is killed by the cult for her being a traitor. Celeste turns out to be part of the cult not Daria and is quite powerful but she has been brainwashed and used by the head of the cult who is also the head of the home for kids. Celeste begins to help destroy the sisters until she see’s that Piper truly cared for her and not the cult and then helps to destroy the cult by destroying their powerful crystal. Phoebe then also finds out that the Karate guy was in on it but not fully, he was a reporter trying to expose the cult. The sisters have to wipe his memory of them and in doing so the love interest he had for Phoebe. They also bind Celeste’s powers as she no longer wants them in case she is used for evil once again.

This story was fab, a true Charmed style story. It reminds me a little of the episode with Aviva and Kali, a tearaway teen who is brainwashed by evil but turns out good in the end. Moral of the story… Good will always over come Evil!!!

Happy Charmed and Reading.


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