The Smell of a good book…


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The smell of a good book, the aroma de book perfume, incense stick of book pages… Yeah ok I sound a little crazy here but me and (ESPECIALLY) my little sister Jana love the smell of a good new book. There is something intoxicating about purchasing a new book, holding it in your hands and taking that first initial deep breath of the book scent. It draws you into the book, makes you want to discover those first few precious pages.

Memories can also be triggered by smells, so you know if another book has been good if when you open a new book and experience that small again and it gives you flashes of other books you have read, that last story, those last characters that have become a part of you and last forever. Those are the books that stay with you forever, they will never let go and they help shape you as a person, as a reader and maybe even as a writer if you write.

Some readers (My sister), wish they could bottle that scent and take it with them through life. Some people (Companies) have before claimed they have bottled the scent but in all honesty if they had my sister would own the whole perfume collection of book scent, she would have an alter dedicated to the smell. Hell she would probably open her own book shop and spray the scent into the air to lull in readers as they wondered past going to work or their daily business.

There is also nothing better than when you have just written and published your own book and when it lands on the mat by your front door and you open it for the first time and smell its aroma it gives you a huge sense of achievement.

So, do you like the smell of a good book? Or are you nose blind to it?

Happy reading.


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